Freeze a memory of your child

Freeze a memory of your child

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The reunion when leaving school, the hugs and kisses in the middle of the afternoon, the moment of the story at night, the witty phrases that he says to you while he is playing ... If you could freeze a moment of the day with your son, what would it be? ? After reflecting on the answer to this question, I can only say that it is difficult because I would be left with many, many, I would say.

I love to see my baby throw his arms around me, hug my leg when he crawls, snuggle in my arms, smile at me when I change his diaper, get happy when I hear him wake up and go to see him in his crib ... I love hearing him say his first words, make an effort to take his first steps, to read his first line and draw his first picture.

But there are also moments that I would freeze for singular and special. For example, when I told my son that from now on the pacifier was only for sleeping. So when he woke up, he would stand up holding the bar of the crib and when I went to look for him, whoops! He would throw the pacifier hard and start dancing on the mattress to tell me that he was awake and ready to start a new one. day.

Another moment that I have frozen in my memories is when we went to the beach, loaded with more junk than you can imagine. When we finished walking down the catwalk, he would sit on the sand and make butterflies in the sand with his arms, as if to say that he would not move from there. As much as I called him to continue walking towards me, there was no way. So I had to drop all the junk in the middle of the journey to retrace my steps and pick up my son. When I came to pick him up, I would put on his pirate face so that I would melt like butter ... while I told him how clever he was ... of course if Mom could carry the tackle why couldn't she take him!

But if there is something that would freeze for the rest of eternity, it is the relationship we have and how much he gives me when I feel that I am the greatest thing for him. He has always had praise and beautiful, loving and charming words for his mother, words that have been transformed into demonstrations of love, into gifts of love and affection to see the happiness on my face.

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