Shall we prepare a fun pizza with the children?

Shall we prepare a fun pizza with the children?

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The weekend is a great time to cook one of their favorite dishes with the children: Pizza! But this time we can make it special, displaying all our imagination and of course, letting your children create their own "culinary work of art" ...

Pizza, when made by hand, is a very nutritious dish and a great way for your children to eat everything (even vegetables), without realizing it.

So get to work, cooks!

- 2 pizza bases
- 2 tomatoes
- 6 tablespoons tomato sauce
- 6 slices of ham
- 2 mushrooms

- 2 boiled eggs -
- Olives
- Bell peppers
- Mozzarella
- Salt and Parsley


When you start out, it is important to slowly teach children what to do. It is a good idea to make the first pizza ourselves, and ask the children to make the next one, always with our help. The first thing is to place all the tomato sauce on the base of the pizzas and then the tomato slices cut very thin. Then the ham and mozzarella are placed, a task that the children will love since the objective is to fill the entire base with the cheese, taking care that no gap remains uncovered.

The idea is to play with the children to decorate the pizzas with the faces of people or animals, using all the ingredients to simulate the different parts of a face. Both the white and the yolk of cooked eggs can be used to make the eyes or the nose. We cut the sausages in half and are perfect for hair, sideburns or mustache. Mushrooms cut in half are very close to the shape of ears, and olives and peppers are perfect for filling and decorating with colors. When the decoration is finished, the pizzas are placed in the oven for 20 minutes and the food specially prepared by the children is ready.

Elena Sepulveda. Contributor to our site

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