How to get to Stockholm traveling with children

How to get to Stockholm traveling with children

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Stockholm, the capital of Scandinavia, is a city very well connected by land, sea and air. If you travel by plane, you will land at one of the four airports in the city. We tell you how to get to the center.

Once in Stockholm, getting around is very easy. It is a compact city and, therefore, comfortable to explore on foot. There are also many facilities to rent bicycles and public transport works really well, something that is appreciated when we travel with children.

"All roads lead to Rome", as the saying goes, but when it comes to a trip with children it is better to be well informed. We tell you the pros and cons of the different ways of traveling to Stockholm as a family.


Traveling by air is the fastest and safest way to get to Stockholm from outside of Sweden. If we fly to the Swedish capital with a low cost company such as Ryanair or Wizz Air, we will land at Stockholm-Skavsta Airport or Stockholm-Västerås Airport. Both are located about 100 km from the city (the first to the southwest and the second to the northwest). In both cases there are buses that connect the airports with the city center in about 80 minutes.

If you fly with a company that is not low cost, you will land at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, the largest in Sweden. In 2009 it was awarded as the greenest European airport and has a very efficient Visitor Center where they will inform you of everything you want to know about Stockholm.

The fastest way to get from Arlanda Airport to the center is the Arlanda Express train. It takes only 20 minutes.
Something else - about 40 minutes - takes the buses that connect Arlanda with the Cityterminalen station.

Those who prefer to travel from the airport to the center by taxi can do so for about 50 or 60 euros. It is advisable to confirm the price with the taxi driver before starting the trip.

Boat or Ferry

Stockholm is a popular cruise destination, with about 300 annual calls. The two ports of the city - Stadsgårdskajen and Frihamnen - are very close to the most touristic area and well served by public transport. Therefore, arriving in Stockholm by boat is a good option, but if it is done from nearby countries such as Finland or Poland.

From other more distant countries, the journey is very long and heavy for children.


Traveling to Stockholm by train is a good option if you are starting from somewhere in northern Europe. Trains are fast and comfortable and the opening of the bridge between Sweden and Denmark substantially shortened the journey.

Still, for reference, a trip from Malmö - in the southern tip of Sweden - to Stockholm by train takes about 4.5 hours, so you have to be patient.

Stockholm has the honor of being the first green capital designated by the European Union and it is that in Sweden ecological transport is very present. Besides being respectful with the environment, they are comfortable and efficient.

The metro, commuter trains, buses and trams use the same ticket system, which greatly facilitates the change of transport. Tickets per unit cost approximately 2 euros, but it is cheaper to buy tickets for hours or days.

It is also possible to acquire the Stockholm Card that gives access to more than 80 museums and unlimited travel on all means of transport.


The metro is the best means of transport to get to know Stockholm. There are a hundred stations divided into three lines: green, red and blue. The main station is the T-Centralen.

In addition to its efficiency, the Stockholm metro has a particularity: it is said that it is the longest art exhibition in the world since in the vast majority of its stations there are exhibited all kinds of works of art created by many artists since the 50s to the present. Mosaics, paintings, reliefs, sculptures, archaeological excavations or assemblages make up the sample of this curious museum.


The Stockholm bus is an excellent transport that complements the city's metro lines. They are divided into reds –with a frequency between 5 and 10 minutes- and blue –between 10 and 15 minutes-.

Two of the buses most used by tourists to discover Stockholm are the 47 that passes through the Vasa and Skansen Museum, and the 69.

Trolley car

Stockholm's tram network is very small because most of them were replaced by other means of transport in the 1960s. However, they are useful and there are a couple of them frequented by visitors: the 7 that passes through several tourist sites and the one known as Tvärbanan, which makes a circular route.

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