Saint Celestine Day, April 6. Names for boys

Saint Celestine Day, April 6. Names for boys

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Celestino is a name for a boy of Latin origin that means “belonging to heaven”. It is closely related to Celeste and is one of the nicknames of the Roman god Jupiter.

It is thus a name with height and distinction that is ideal for any child, because despite its long tradition, it is not outdated. He celebrates his name day on April 6, which is the day of San Celestino.

Because of the meaning of his name, Celestino has a mysterious and enigmatic personality that quickly attracts others. Celestino has a special wit and is very sociable, so he is always surrounded by friends. His loyalty makes Celestino a person who can be easily trusted and his hard work makes him the perfect leader.

The name Celestino is known in all languages ​​in the form of Celestí, Celestin or Colestin, but it is not one of the most frequent. However, it is one of those traditional names that have fallen into disuse due to fashions and that parents like to revitalize after a while. We have no doubt that Celestino is one of those names willing to stand up again today.

The name of your son is one of those names that bring dignity, helped by the number of personalities that have carried it throughout history, such as various Popes, politicians and scientists. Contributing a little sense of humor, we meet the character of the comic strip created by Olmo, Don Celes, capable of making us smile very early in the morning while we read the newspaper.

However, it is in its feminine variant, Celestina, where the name of your child acquires greater relevance and popularity. Fernando de Rojas's work, "La Celestina" is a key point in Spanish literature, where we find Celestina as the architect of the love affair between Calisto and Melibea.

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